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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2017 Hegels Staatsphilosophie in der Kritik des frühen MarxXie, Xiaochuan
17-Jul-2017 Forest Fragmentation in Space and Time - New perspectives from remote sensing and forest modellingDantas de Paula, Mateus
12-Jul-2017 Strategies for sustainable agricultural land use in Western Siberia (Russian Federation)Kühling, Insa
26-Jun-2017 Predictors and Consequences of Sexist Behaviorde Oliveira Laux, Stephanie Hellen
19-Jun-2017 Regulation of type II interleukin-4 receptor assembly and signaling by ligand binding kinetics and affinitiesRichter, David
19-Jun-2017 Identification of novel physiological processes regulated by Neprilysin activity in Drosophila melanogasterHallier, Benjamin Christoph
14-Jun-2017 Bis(l-benzoato-j2O:O0)bis(benzoato-jO)octabutyldi- l3-oxido-tetratin(IV)Reuter, Hans; Okio, Coco K. Y. A.
14-Jun-2017 Redetermination of the crystal structure of dimethylbis[2,4-pentanedionato(1-)- j 2 O 2 , O 4 ]- tin(IV)Reuter, Hans; Reichelt, Martin
26-May-2017 Ab-initio Untersuchungen von Phosphorfehlstellen in der Silizium(111)-(2x1) OberflächePötter, Mirco
18-May-2017 Palliative Care bei Demenz: Das Verständnis von Palliative Care bei Demenz und die Bedeutung für das Pflegehandeln im Kontext der stationären LangzeitpflegeBerkemer, Esther
15-May-2017 Analyzing resource use decisions under global change by agent-based modelingDreßler, Gunnar
15-May-2017 Plant-fungus interactions and their implications for nutrient cycling and biomass growth: Insights from modelling arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a heterogeneous environmentKleinmann, Joachim Ulrich
15-May-2017 Limitations of visuospatial attention (and how to circumvent them)Wahn, Basil
11-May-2017 In Vitro and In Vivo Studies on the Structural Organization of Chs3 from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeGohlke, Simon; Muthukrishnan, Subbaratnam; Merzendorfer, Hans
11-May-2017 Subjects, Systems, Sessions: to what extent do these factors influence EEG data?Melnik, Andrew; Legkov, Petr; Izdebski, Krzysztof, et al
11-May-2017 Population control methods in stochastic extinction and outbreak scenariosHilker, Frank M.; Segura, Juan; Franco, Daniel
11-May-2017 Corruption risks, management practices an performance in water service delivery in Kenya and Ghana : an agent-based modellBellaubi, Francesc; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia
4-May-2017 Informationssysteme in der nachhaltigen Logistik – Entwicklungsperspektiven und Handlungsempfehlungen für das TransportwesenFrehe, Volker
21-Apr-2017 Nucleolipide: Synthese und Biomedizinische AspekteKnies, Christine
20-Apr-2017 Migration - Flucht - Integration: Kritische Politikbegleitung von der ‚Gastarbeiterfrage’ bis zur ‚Flüchtlingskrise’. Erinnerungen und BeiträgeBade, Klaus J.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1487


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